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Name:Caren Glasser
Company:Caren Glasser
Address:36531 Tallowood Dr.
City:Palm Desert
Country:United States of America
Phone No:4158275358
Cell No:14158275358
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Caren Glasser
Is Your Business Your Passion and is it Profitable

Get A Marketing Check Up and say Ahhhhhh

Profit Power Zones Checkup is about 100 questions that go over all your online AND offline marketing - focusing on the most important, effective and affordable channels.

Our focus in the Marketing Checkup is solely to help you see any redundancies and wasted efforts to free up resources and invest in more effective marketing. It really is geared towards creating measurable, profitable results for your business.

The Marketing Check-Up is also a good reminder of what you may have been intending to do but have not gotten to yet or completed effectively.
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